Chamberlain Country Club

Chamberlain is a beautiful and unique place for both humans and horses

20 rare horse breeds

Exclusive horse breeds

15 minutes away from First
President's Park

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Parking на карте


A unique parking for 30 cars on the territory of the club

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Café, Restaurant and Bar на карте

Café, Restaurant and Bar

Equally great for calm family dinners or big-scaled events

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Guest house на карте

Guest house

A cozy two floored guest house

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SPA на карте


An indoor swimming pool and a comfortable Finnish sauna

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Horse Hotel Resort на карте

Horse Hotel Resort

A unique approach to horse care and maintenance

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Kids playgrounds на карте

Kids playgrounds

Specially equipped kids playgrounds

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Chamberlain Trail на карте

Chamberlain Trail

A themed Western arena, in the style of a city from the Wild West

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Outdoor arena на карте

Outdoor arena

An outdoor arena for big-scaled events

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Chamberlain arena на карте

Chamberlain arena

A comfortable heated arena

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Eco Сamp на карте

Eco Сamp

A unique eco camp for children and teenagers

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Sports fields на карте

Sports fields

Fields for sports and leisure

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Mini zoo на карте

Mini zoo

A mini zoo with different kinds of birds

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Paddock Paradise на карте

Paddock Paradise

Specially designed paddocking for horses

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