Chamberlain Country Club

Chamberlain is a beautiful and unique place for both humans and horses

different and unique horses

different and unique horses

participants of our club

participants of our club

minutes away from First President’s Park

minutes away from First President’s Park

Chamberlain Country Club is a beautiful, unique place, located at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, where you will be able to see happy, free animals and peaceful nature. On 10,5 hectares of land, we have created a brilliant destination with the best conditions for the animals and for our guests’ leisure and personal education and development.

Our opportunities to offer you something unique and very special at Chamberlain Country Club allow each and every one of you to find something interesting for yourself. We can offer you anything from learning how to communicate with horses and create a true friendship, to celebrating memorable dates with your colleagues, friends and family, organising a business meeting or a large event, beneficially spending your leisure time to relax, restore your energy, improve your physical health or learn a new, interesting skill. Chamberlain opens a large variety of services for everyone, children and adults.

Chamberlain Territory

On the territory there is a club house, three stables, several indoor and outdoor working arenas for horses, paddocks for horses, a park, a SPA, sports fields and kids’ playgrounds, an Eco Café, a restaurant, a Lounge bar and guest houses for all the best conveniences.

The club was designed by a Japanese company, Imayo Creations, and the main architect, Yuji Imayo, was the last student of the well-known professor Kisho Kurakawa. Yuji Imayo created a special style and theme for the buildings and the landscape at Chamberlain Country Club. Respectively, all the facilities and the technologies used are of very high standards, with much equipment brought from countries abroad, which guarantees safety and comfort for all our guests.

Our Services

Our club is the only certified club in Kazakhstan that can practice equitherapy and help children and adults, with physical and mental difficulties, by giving them an opportunity to communicate with horses, come in close contact with them and care after them.

Within our Country Club, there is a Chamberlain Education Centre, a Centre of personal growth and development, which opened in 2015. Mainly, the Centre works on corporate business education, group coaching and individual coaching with horses. This is the only Education Centre in Kazakhstan, which provides business and personal education with the help of horses.

Our Education Centre is a licensed partner and official representative of the German company G&K HorseDream GMBH in Kazakhstan. The company created and patented unique methods of horse assisted business education, and we are a life-member of the European Association of Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE). Following these methods, we organise business education with horses, for corporate groups, families, women’s groups or individuals and our specially trained horses help people in the aspects of leadership, team building, cross-cultural management, change management, stress management and professional burnout, emotional intelligence development and professional growth.

Natural Horsemanship

A lot of attention at Chamberlain goes to humane attitudes towards animals. We holistically think about our horses, their training, health and their social life. We use a system called Natural Horsemanship when training our horses, and when teaching our School and Camp students. Not only do we not use bits, horseshoes, and harsh punishments, we also do not ride on our horses. Our goal – is to be able to build a friendship with the horse, based on trust and understanding, between the human and the animal and then communication happens on a new level, which allows the people to understand and learn something more than just skill.

Horse Maintenance

Professionals at our club look into horse maintenance with much detail and care. Our horses live in the best conditions for them, spending most of the day outside in the special paddocking system called “Paddock Paradise”, which allows them live a healthy, balanced and social life. During nights and bad weather in the winter, the horses spend their time in the unique spacious ventilated stables, equipped with web cameras and self-filling water bowls. We have a special solarium, a washing place, a swimming pool, a walking machine for horses and our own vet-clinic too.

Our professional veterinarian and trainers with European and American experience and education look after the health of our horses and their correct training and we can offer all our best to your horses too.