Chamberlain Eco Camp

Chamberlain Eco Camp – is a unique camp, where children and teenagers spend their unforgettable holidays, with horses in the open air in the mountains.

Lessons with horses, horse theatre, football, volleyball, tennis, swimming, “Robin hood’s” school, themed quests, eco lessons, camping and many other activities help develop confidence, responsibility, independence, discipline, diligence, and teamwork skills. Together with our specialists, the children will be able to have a look into the world of horses and nature, and in our wonderful atmosphere, that our professionals create, will be able to gain much knowledge about wonderful animals and sincere friendship. There is special accommodation and food for the children, in their own campus, where there are three separate rooms with double decker beds, for 8-10 children to a room. They eat five meals a day, which are cooked specially for them, from our own products, grown on our mini garden.

During the 2-week season, the children will meet different animals, with whom they will be able to come in close contact. They will work on projects, in different teams, demonstrate creativity and acting skills in theatre lessons with a professional teacher, and show their camping, accuracy and physical skills in lessons from our “Robin hood’s” school.

Each season in our Eco Camp has its own topic and so a lot of interesting activities and lessons will be on the topic, for example investigating about Japan and horses, or how did the Scandinavians make weapons.

Horses – are the main tutors of our club, and while working with them every day, the children will learn how to treat the animals that live around us and the people with whom we communicate each day, with care, empathy and responsibility. Getting to know how important it is to share, be friendly and responsible for your actions, is very important for the children, before they go out into the adult world and our Eco Camp will be a great experience for them, as we are also following our new education system of Chamberlain School, in the Camp.

Many of our children and teenagers, that have already visited our Camp once, stay with us and join our Chamberlain family, while continuing their education with horses, and constantly coming to our Eco Camp each holiday.

Join us!